4 Fun Easter Activities For Kids

April 7, 2022

Many people are waiting to welcome warmer weather in the upcoming months, but there’s a more exciting thing that we all are looking for – Easter celebrations.

Easter is celebrated for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it’s a religious festival. But with time, many non-religious rituals, activities & fun elements were added, which changed the way of easter celebration. 

Although, giving easter gifts to each other like luxury & decorative or melting easter eggs has always been a widely accepted tradition and enhanced with time. 

Today, most people prefer to make easter eggs and other delicious treats at their homes. This also helps them spend quality time with family and enhances the relationship bond.

Spending time with family on the day of Easter creates unforgettable memories. So if you’re looking for some fun activities to perform with kids, from setting up all the baskets together to collecting the best decorated and coloured eggs of London, there are lots of ways you can spend time with your little ones. So without further ado, take a look at below listed activities. 

Traditional Easter Hunt Game

The most famous easter challenge that has been followed for decades around the globe is the Easter Egg Hunt game. You can enjoy playing this game with kids inside your home, backyard, or nearby parks. There are multiple ways you can customise this game to play with your kids. 

You can incorporate pop culture references in the hunting clues to keep the easter eggs with lots of gifts and surprises. Of course, this easter egg hunt game must be enjoyable, but you need to prepare it well for that. 

Decorating Easter Eggs

Whether you are planning to use eggs for easter eggs, surprise, dyeing, egg hunt game, painting, or any other decorating activities, these are the joyful moments to celebrate Easter with kids. Of course, you can also buy the dye for an egg from the store or add more fun to create one with kids.   

These days, all the kids from home sit together on the table and boost their creativity to decorate the egg to give it a comic look. The best way to find the design or inspiration is to check social media platforms and recreate those easter egg designs yourself. 

As an adult, you need to collect all the craft supplies, paints, and eggs on the table so that your kids will focus on pure creativity without waiting.  

Cook Easter Brunch

Food is one of the key factors of enjoyment with family in the Easter holidays. So when it’s cooking time, gather kids and start preparing easter brunch with them. This will build help to your bond with kids, and both will enjoy the cooking time.

Whether roast potatoes, meat, or cross buns, you need to decide which recipe is easy to make with kids and prepare all the necessary ingredients in the kitchen. Then instruct kids with steps to cook the Easter brunch for them. 

You can also make brunch for the whole family to cook Easter-themed lunch that everyone loves to eat. Finally, to make Easter more exciting for kids, buy them new clothes from House of Fraser, available at discounted prices.

Make Easter Baskets

Easter celebrations will not be joyful if you drop the making of easter baskets. So while discussing the easter activities, making creative and decorative easter baskets is the best craft to try with the family. You can ask kids to stick the ribbon on the baskets, colourful eggs, etc., and prepare baskets for your friends and neighbours.  

You can prepare it in two different variations; one is to go for a simple small design that includes just ribbons and easter eggs. And another one is a big basket that is filled with lots of cookies, gifts, and bunnies for kids. 

To add more personal touch, write a small happy Easter message on the bunny-shaped card and put it inside the basket. We are sure that with this Easter basket-making activity, your kids will enjoy it.

Whether adding the best luxury decorative Easter eggs in the basket or preparing Easter brunch for the family, you can make Easter 2022 more special for your kids with these above-listed activities. By adding more fun and creative activities during this Easter holiday, you will create memorable moments for kids that they will look forward to. The quality time you spend with kids, they will surely remember over the years.