8 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2018

You have been together for a while now and wish to do something special with your beloved to celebrate the day of love. As the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner you must wear your thinking hat and start to think what to gift your beloved and things to do on this special day. Things you do largely depends on how long you two have been together. If you are lost and don’t know where to start from here is a list of things to do this Valentine’s Day to ensure a memorable, and pleasant day together:

1. Get To Know Each Other Over A Bottle Of Wine: One good way to turn up the heat and take the relationship forward is by sipping some wine together. Once the wine starts to flow, ask each other some questions to break intimacy barriers. To make it fun you can even ask some hypothetical questions such as, “If you could ask for one super power what would it be?” At the end don’t forget to keep some roses, chocolates or flower waiting! You can choose from Marks and Spencer wine collection to find the wine that you both will love.


2. Book A Getaway For You Two: If you have been dating each other for a while and have a comfortable equation with each other, go for a weekend getaway to a destination of your choice. Spending sweet hours away from home and professional life will surely bring you two closer helping you take your relation to the next level. For last minute deals, check Hotels.com to find amazing deals for hotels and resorts of your choice at unbeatable prices.

3. Spend A Relaxing Day: There are times when you both find it difficult to plan a holiday in advance and have managed to take an off on the special day. There is nothing to worry! Simply spend a relaxing day doing little things together. You can start with the breakfast in the bed. For the lunch order the pizza and enjoy it with a lovely romantic movie on Netflix. To get the best deals on pizza you can check online for vouchers and codes from popular joints like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, etc. You can then give each other a nice massage using essential oils to rejuvenate both the body and soul followed by a bath together. Don’t forget to surprise her with a lovely gift hamper by the end of the day. A gift is a great way to show her that you remember and care for her always. Look for something of her choice to make her feel special.


4. Relive Your Wedding Day: If you are newly married and little broke, you can relive your wedding day or help your beloved relive the special moments. While she is busy running the errands, you can take out the wedding photographs and attach them to the balloons and put them in the room. Pick a small cake that resembles your wedding cake and grab a nice bottle of champagne. She will surely appreciate the small attention to these details. At the end surprise her with some flower bouquet.

5. Write A Love Letter: If you have never done it, now is the time! Put down your feelings in writing why your partner is special to you. Tell them which quality of them attracts you and you love it. If you feel that you don’t have the way with words, then you can seek inspiration online. Include some love notes or talk about some favourite dates, and express your desires.

6. Create A Photobook: Gather some photographs and sit down to create a nice Photobook. Creating the photo memory book of the life together is a great way of spending the day talking and reliving the moment it was clicked in and help you bond together.


7. Take A Class Together: Is there a skill that you both want to master? How about learning something new together? This way you two will spend some quality time together and bond well. Some of the options that you can consider are dance class, golf lesson, or cooking class, guitar lessons.

8. Plan A Treasure Hunt: If you want to make Valentine’s Day interesting why not plan a treasure hunt for your significant other. Make some interesting hints and hide them out throughout the house, one leading to another and finally reaching at the gift. You can check online for some clue ideas to plan it well.

These are just some of the ideas, remember that nobody knows your significant other better than you. While planning the day keep their taste, preference and personality in mind.