A Grandparent’s Guide To Easter

April 25, 2019

Being a grandparent comes with its perks and responsibilities. As Easter draws to a close, there remains a quintessential question in mind. What are we to do this year for our kids and grandkids? For some, it is a time to reconnect again with your sons, daughters and their families. Easter lunches and dinners remain a part of such engagements and therefore a responsibility as the eldest members in the family. Kids tend to learn as much from their surroundings as they do from their influence around them. The goal here is not to make you fret but prepare you for the upcoming Easter. In this post, we shall present a never before had grandparents guide to Easter:

1. Plan the day:
Its surely understandable that as grandparents, you would like to make the most of the time presented to you on occasion of Easter. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out some things first before heading into a celebratory mood. First things first. Check the weather beforehand. Would it be possible to engage in some outside activities or would there be a need to stay indoors? It could well possibly rain owing to the timing (April rains being reasonably frequent). This will require you to carry an extra umbrella along with you. People tend to forget them at crucial times. Also, ensure that you get the food menu approved from the parents. The kids may be allergic to some foods, or you may need to control the sweet cravings of Lisa maybe. Enquire the time the kids need to be home for dinner or completing their homework perhaps. These are small details that are better planned. Who says you can’t plan up to that short vacation trip alongside your kids and grandchildren? Surprise them this year with outstation stays by booking them at a discount on Booking.com and get up to 56% off on all hotel rooms.


2. Go on an Easter hunt:
There is nothing better than spending some quality time with your grandkids. You can use several things here for the hunting ranging from plastic filled eggs with candies or even real dyed eggs. Kids tend to eat the things they see in front of them. You need to avoid such a situation or overcome it altogether. Also, always ensure that you never run out of candy treats. The last thing you need is kids crying around you because you didn’t arrange for enough gifts. Quantity and not quality is the key here to overcome such situations.

3. Keep some games and crafts handy:
It is so easy for kids to get bored and a bored child can wander to any corner of the house as long as it suffices their interest. So, better pan out things in advance and stock up on games and crafts that can draw their attention if things go south. Know the age groups of children visiting your place and always buy something inexpensive to go for. Kids tend to forget things right away. You should not end up buying a toy, craft or game that would be eating dust after you are gone from the place. Are you planning on buying gifts for your grandchildren, then how about doing that at a discount of up to 55% on select items on Amazon.

4. Set aside clear boundaries:
Now many a time it happens that grandparents become the one that ends up spoiling the children due to their love for them. Your kids too must have some clear set goals when it comes to raising their kids. Communicate with them effectively and set aside some clear boundaries. This means not pampering them with expensive gifts unless cleared upon by their parents themselves. It may come as harsh but is necessary. Also, if the kids are staying at your place, learn to advance their bedtimes, eating preferences, TV rules, etc. You don’t want your lovely grandkid to run up to their daddy and saying, “But Grandpa let me do that.” Now, that would be unfair to your children. This way you also ensure that there is a tantrum-free environment whenever the grandkids are visiting.


5. Enjoy your time:
While there are a million little details to plan, at the end of the day you have to make sure that you enjoy every precious moment with your grandkids. Don’t look back on the little things and concentrate on just having a good time overall. With kids, there are bound to be some or the other thing always but as long as everyone is in together, there is nothing much to complain. Kids are like a special gift of God and seeing them grow up is more than a blessing in itself.

So, there we have a quick guide consisting of some essential points that would prove useful to grandparents.