Autumn Skincare Tips

September 22, 2017

With the arrival of autumn upon us, it’s the perfect time to review your skin care regimen. Autumn is the introduction of cooler weather and is the perfect opportunity for you to recover your skin before winter arrives. The summer has battered your face with the elements, like insect repellent and sand and sun, and it’s time for a change.

The air in autumn is dryer and cooler which can make your skin feel dry, rough, and even dehydrated. So, consider these tips for healthy autumn skin and remember, this is a continual process that should part of your typical skin care regimen, not just a one-off occurrence.

1.       Weekly Exfoliation

Your skin needs to be stripped of those dead skin cells and the most effective way to do that is with exfoliation. There are plenty of scrubs you can make at home to ensure they’re the right fit for your skin style or you can invest in a natural product instead when shopped from Boots. Ones that are oil based will provide your skin with some extra hydration, so if you have particularly dry skin this would be the most effective scrub for you.



 2.       Hydration

Your skin needs to be kept hydrated just as much as your body and brain do, so make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis. If you are particularly active you’ll want to up that. The best way to get your fluid intake right is to cut your weight in half and drink that in ounces.

 3.       Stay Moisturised

This is so important for your skin and the best part is you can make your very own moisturiser with products you may already have at home. For the autumn weather a buttery, oily base works best: so, think sesame, olive, almond, coconut, and oil or shea or cocoa butter. You can then add foods, herbs, or essential oils to your heart’s content. Oatmeal, ginger, aloe, honey, roses, etc. are all great for your skin. Or, you can choose an all-natural product and get it at a reduced price when purchasing through

 4.       Hydration Masks

Drinking plenty of water is a great start, but your skin needs more so start working a hydrating mask into your skin care regimen at least once a week. You can create your own using all-natural ingredients, whether you choose avocado, cucumbers, bananas, or honey.

Hydration mask

 5.       Lip Love

Autumn is not the time to forget about your lips, you don’t want them to dry out and crack. It isn’t just about looks either, cracked lips can be really painful especially when they are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. It’s the perfect time to make your own lip balm, you can use vitamin E, oil, avocado, and even throw in berries for some colour. It will keep your lips protected, hydrated, and looking good.

 6.       Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great option when it comes to problem areas of skin, so if you are constantly battling dry knees, elbows, and feet start using organic olive oil to repair them.

 7.       Sunscreen

It’s a must, even if you look outside and see grey clouds everywhere you should still wear sunscreen. You should always apply sunscreen before you leave the house and protect yourself from the elements (ideally it should be applied every two hours if you’re spending the majority of your time outdoors). You should never use anything less than SPF 15 during the autumn months (but in the summer aim for 30 or higher).


 8.       Serums

While you may love the sun, and enjoy spending time in it your skin doesn’t always feel the same. It’s common for the UV rays of the sun to trigger premature ageing and it can also affect pigmentation, so autumn is the perfect opportunity to get in some important skin relief. You can do this with serums that are restorative and nourishing.

Think about your skin care in these terms… you wash your clothing after you’ve worn it (usually) once. Well, you wear your face every day so it’s taking the brunt of the elements without the coverage the rest of your body has (thanks to those clothes that you’ll then wash) … why wouldn’t you take good care of it? If you want to prevent premature ageing and feel confident in yourself, good skin care is the first place to start.

Make sure that moisturising is a daily habit, you don’t want wind and rain to damage your skin as this will leave it sensitive to other elements. For the best results moisturise as soon as you leave the shower to seal in the moisture. As the seasons change so will your skin type, so pay close attention to how your skin reacts to the different seasons so that you can react accordingly with your skin care products.