How to create a good home office environment in a pinch?

June 24, 2021

A flexible work from home arrangement is what the pandemic more or less help bring. This was definitely something most of us never predicted but now that we are here, what next?
Adjusting is what you can do best and the best part is, you aren’t alone in this endeavor. With many professionals facing the same thing, there has been an accumulation of great creative ideas that not only helps you set up your office ergonomically, but economically as well. In this post, we will look at some of the best tips and ideas that you can make use of, to create your office environment:

1. Make your space separate for working:
The first and foremost challenge for anyone trying to make a mini office for themselves at home is the space. Which ideal place should you actually be using? Should it be your bedroom, drawing room, a small corner by the window. What you need more than anything is to find a space for yourself minus the distraction of daily life going. People living with family will definitely understand this. So, first and foremost things, find a place within your home where you can start with the basics working from home.

2. Get the essentials:
For many, of course working from home was always not the first ideal choice of work so its more than normal to not have any essentials that you may otherwise need to work efficiently. This will mean getting a desk chair, an office table and a high speed internet connection. Believe us, you don’t want to skimp on a slow internet plan while working. You will only be aggravating yourself in the future. When it comes to furniture, consider investing in a comfortable chair firstly, a second monitor, which would always be a boon making your tasks easier. A good high speed Wi-Fi plan and a little variation to your office desk, perhaps a standing desk where you can both sit as well as stand. Its easy to sit down at work for long hours without taking a break. A standing desk can help you with that.

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3. Sound and lighting:
No, of course you aren’t trying to create a movie set for yourself but sound and lighting are equally essential to a place where you will be spending a minimum of 8 hours daily. Does your space have a window? Does it have natural light? Also, it shouldn’t be too bright as well that you have trouble seeing your screen. Does the place is void of sounds or background noise. If there is background noise, how can you effectively tackle it. Maybe a noise cancelling door. If you are on a budget, a white noise machine also works best as an alternative. Making a list of office essentials needed and getting them can be a hassle. Luckily, you have a place like Staples where you can now get all your essentials in one place and with budget friendly deals that won’t burn a dent in your pockets.

4. Set up space within your office space:
Well, your office desk isn’t going to be only a place where you just work. It is also a place where ideas will free flow, you will be brainstorming, communicating etc. This is when you can give your personal touch again to your workspace. Have a place or board where you can keep your ideas or pinboard them using sticky notes, markers, notebooks etc.

5. Add your signature to your place:
Well, yes you aren’t done yet completing your home workspace. You don’t need to go all Picasso here but a little decoration will be an inviting prospect for you to work everyday in the space. You can keep plants, pictures of home, family and team bonding pictures. These are positive things that ought to be radiating of your safe workspace on a daily basis. Make sure to also clean your workspace every alternate days or every weekend so that you aren’t cluttering and hoarding unnecessary things.

6. Maintain a fixed schedule at work:
One of the thing that working from home employees do wrong is not keep a distinction between their private and professional life and both seem to intertwine eventually causing a disruption both at home and workplace. Have a fixed schedule and make sure that you adhere to it as best as you can without any deviations. This means devoting equal time to work as well as for family. You are not supposed to be working on weekends unless absolutely necessary or emergent.

Small practices such as these will go a long way in ensuring you create a good home office environment in a pinch. Are you willing to give these tips a try?