How To Plan Your First Road Trip

April 20, 2017

Whether you are an experienced traveler or not, it is always better to make a list of things you need to prepare for the trip: what to take in the luggage, what is necessary and what is not – in this list write down all the essentials for the trip. You know what we mean: vaccines, valid passport and visas important things, etc., but quite boring which could be easily forgotten. Check out some of the basic tips before you hit the road for your first road adventure:

Plan Your Trip

You have decided to travel by car. There is nothing more beautiful than stopping here and there just so you can admire and absorb the beauty of the place. Therefore, why not plan your stops? Research the area, see where the most attractive points are, check the nearest locations just in case you are stuck in an emergency situation etc. It is always better going prepared. It will surely take off so much stress and it will make you feel more relaxed during your trip, especially if you travel abroad.

planning a trip

And now speaking of travelling abroad, it would not be a bad idea if you learn few expression of the country where you plan to go. It might give you the chance to connect with people differently and besides, if there is important information to hear or to share, speaking few words will do you a great favor. Another important aspect of your trip should be the validity of your documents. Make sure you have everything with you, whether you travel locally or abroad.

Book Long Before You Travel

Do not book a hotel room in the last minute because it is like a gamble. The possibility of catching a good deal at the last minute is very small and

when you get to your destination, you might end up looking for other hotels. It is best to book the hotel room in time and the same advice applies to flights. Book 53 days prior to your trip in order to get nice discounts or deals!!

Do Not Take Too Much Baggage
Although you may be tempted to think that everything you have in the house may highly useful for your trip, in reality it is not! You need to keep it simple and only take the essentials like towels, food boxes, toilet papers, pillows, sun creams, first aid kit, etc. The trip is more about the destination and in order to fully enjoy it, you need to be focused on the trip rather than being worried if you have left anything behind!

First aid kit

Diet Planning

Now that you have a well-defined plan of the places you will visit, your documents are sorted out, the next step would be your diet. As beautiful and as relaxing a trip could be for your spirit and mind, your body will go through some changes. Your eating habits will not be the same as when you are at home and as a result, your digestive system or metabolism might be a little bit under stress. However, with a little attention and a good plan, you can keep up with your diet even on the road.

What you need is to bring with you healthy snacks like fruits, raw vegetables, or cereal bars just so you can provide your body with the nutrients it needs. As for the main meals, Ocado has come up with some ideas which could help you with the meal planning:

Tacos– To make tacos, simply brown a pound of ground turkey or beef, drain the fat, and add salsa and black beans. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then cool and pack in quart-sized freezer bags. This can be served in taco shells or over a bed of lettuce and fresh tomatoes. It is a heavy meal and your kids will love it!!

Chicken Salad – Simply mix diced chicken with enough mayonnaise to coat it, plus diced celery, quartered grapes, and chopped nuts. It is quick, tasty, and cheap.

Samosas– Savoury hand pies wrapped tightly and ready for the road. This make-ahead samosas recipe by Marks and Spencer uses phyllo pastry as a yummy shortcut. Filled with spicy potatoes, peas, and onions, it’s a hearty meal to take on-the-go. Samosas makes for a great freezer meal as well; the frozen extras are ready in under 30 minutes after a quick bake!

Sandwich Sushi– For your little sushi lovers, we love this idea for sandwich sushi by Morrisons. You can pack in all the nutrients of a full meal; just pick your protein, veggies, and sauce, then wrap it up in crustless bread or a tortilla to make it portable. We’re convinced this will be an on-the-go favourite for both adults and kids.

Sandwich Sushi

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches– Lunch doesn’t get any simpler than this. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are great for busy days when you are visiting tourist attractions, as well as days when you are traveling in the car and do not want to stop at a restaurant.

Bringing your own food may literally half the cost. Just be sure to play it safe with your food – if you are in doubt whether something is fresh, throwing it out is always better than making your family sick. We hope that these tips will make you feel relaxed about your trip and we wish you a lovely holiday!