Latest Fashion Trends For Women In Year 2019

September 14, 2019

Fashion trends change from season to season, year on year and like everything else, change is the spice and variety of life. Catching up to the official change in season does require a difference and of course a fresh new wardrobe. The New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks saw a lot of new ideas including the revival of some classics paired with the original. In this post, we will take a look at some of the fashion trends that have dominated 2019.

 1. Hippy Boho modernism:

The Boho trend was a loudspeaker of sorts this year with designers taking up a chip and coming up with their variations of it. The look almost gives that warm desert feeling but is chic nevertheless. This is not just limited to dress but extends to nearly everything, including accessories, amulet jewelry, scarf dresses, etc. The hobo trend seems like a revival and a sort of blast from the past. This again is picking up amongst everyone like a new fad, and you can’t really blame us. It’s uberly cool.

 2. Animal prints:

Bold animal prints have always been here to stay, and this year again, designers have not shied from letting their creative juices flow. Loud leopard prints seem to be a hit, and this appeared on several clothing materials. If you are one to experiment with colors, go for striking designs that come with bold colors. Leopard print seems to be going the distance here, so why not own the look? Maybe accessorize yourself even with leopard prints like your shoes, belt or even bag for that matter. You are bound to shine out in the crowd wearing one.

3. Tight Pleats:

Pleats did make a comeback some time back but this year seems to have had a revival again with this 60’s print. Tighter pleats seem to be a standout than the earlier versions helping generate a lot more movement than was otherwise possible. For someone with fluctuating silhouettes, this is even better as it expands and contracts with the body shape.

 4. Utility:

Fashion needs to be all comfort, function as well as practicality. If you are someone who seems to like all things nuanced then yes, service be the key this year to get going. There are several apparels, including combat trousers, denim suits, etc. that can very well pass off as practical and be in sync with the current trends. If the utility is the word for the word, then, how about trying the House of Fraser sales? Get up to60% off on a variety of essentials on the website. 

Latest fashion trends


5. Puff shoulders:

Who would have ever thought that a small minuscule part of the 80’s culture would come back again as a fashion statement? While going classic has lately been the norm amongst many designers, there has also been a revival of silhouettes and ruffles. This, in turn, meant puff shoulders was on its way on all sorts of dresses. If you are someone who doesn’t shy from a little daytime style, then you can very well try the look yourself.

 6. Neon:

Neon is not for everyone but yet a person who commands it is in a different tier altogether. Vibrant hues are back this year again, and it seems like it’s here to stay for a while. From designers to models and the fashion-centric public, everyone has a thing for pastels now. Why not get something for your wardrobe like that maybe? Looking to get something in neon perhaps for yourself? How about trying Marks and Spencer? Now you can avail upto 50% on selected fashion apparels.

 7. Ruched dresses:

Ruched dresses have a figure-enhancing potential complementing your curves and stretching in the right places. If you are looking to invest in something slimmer, ruched dresses are the way to go for. From Givenchy to Calvin Klein experimenting, this was one standout that came as a pleasant surprise for everyone. If not now, then maybe one for the upcoming season would be nice. Wishlists ought to be endless that way.

8. Tuxedo dress:

Surprising as it seems, the runways in London. NY, Paris, and Milan all showcased a chic version of Tuxedos that seem to hit just the right note. A tuxedo dress as one may call it is, in essence, the very tuxedo we are used to seeing on the opposite gender is now right within our grasp. It does seem like a welcome change in pace to be honest. Why not get one for the wardrobe? This could indeed be a chic statement of sorts.

So, there we have a compilation of the latest fashion trends this year. This year has been bold, chic, sophisticated, and everything in between for the fashionistas.