London Oktoberfest 2018

October 15, 2018

Just the mention of the name is enough to get your undivided attention. Oktoberfest happens to be one of the biggest events of the fall. All you need to do is get yourself a ticket to Bavaria and enjoy the endless beers coming your way. However, there are many of us who don’t have the time to get to Germany and actually enjoy Oktoberfest in its full glory. For people living in the UK, there is still hope for you folks and you can actually make it to the nearest Oktoberfest event in London and take part in a somewhat similar festivity that is on the same scale as the original fest. These events usually consist of live music, singing, dancing, food and beer stalls and generally having a merry time altogether along with your friends.

Oktoberfest 2018

In this post we have tried compiling you a list of the places that you can visit to enjoy this great fest:

1. Bavarian Beerhouse Oktoberfest, the city:
You can now enjoy the true spirit of Oktoberfest at both the Bavarian Beerhouse Oktoberfest venues located in Tower Hill and Old Street. This will be running all the way from 26th September to 20th October. The Bavarian Beerhouse easily holds up to 180,000 people every year complete with traditional costumed servers, stein glasses and a band flew straight from Bavaria. There are different ticketing options available for entries here.

2. Erdinger Oktoberfest London, Stratford:
The Erdinger Oktoberfest London is hosted by the German brewery Erdinger and takes place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park every autumn. The place has a capacity of 3000 people and is certainly one of the best places to enjoy the fest. You have Oktoberfest experienced waitresses at your service who will pour your drinks till you have your fill. The Oktoberfest bands also grace the occasion with their music and there is a mountain of food to gorge on here. The place also holds a special pink day fest complete with winter pride as well as drag queens marking the occasion.

3. London Oktoberfest, Canary Wharf:
The Millwall park is host to the London Oktoberfest which lies by Island Gardens DLR station. The event easily accommodates up to 50,000 people every single year. Folks have a complete Bavarian vibe to match the Oktoberfest proceedings complete with communal tables, live band and the staff dressed in the traditional fest attire. The rates for the place may vary according to the days you make entry. The fest stretches on easily for a period of 10 days.

4. Heist Bank Beer Festival, Paddington:
Heist bank is a true beer lover’s paradise. The place holds more than 60 beers that comes all across from Scandinavia, Germany and different parts of the UK. Guest can enjoy three of the top breweries including Siren, Wild Beer Co. and Fourpure. These brews usually come on the weekend and offer their seasonal releases to the public. You can also enjoy the in-house food like pizza, boar sausages etc. There are also different games and events taking place that one can enjoy including beer games, beer yoga, beer pongs etc. If you are planning to spend your vacation live, enjoy some good time at the Oktoberfest with bookings at and avail up to 60% discounts on all city breaks.

5. The Official Camden Oktoberfest, Electric Ballroom:
The Camden Oktoberfest has been famous amongst the locals here and offers more than 3000 tickets to its events which usually spans across two weekends. Guests can enjoy the traditional brews served by the waitresses dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndl. There is also a live band playing here known by their names of “The Old Dirty Brasstards”. Guests can also indulge in the different games and events being provided here. All patrons making entry to the place are encouraged to dress in fancy costumes. A gala time indeed!

6. Brixton Oktoberfest, Brixton Jam:
What if you can’t get to Bavaria itself to take part in the traditional Oktoberfest. You can always enjoy it in London and drink some of the finest beer selection that comes all the way from the fatherland. You get access to good food and maidens dressed in traditional attires serving you endless pints of the good brews. Match the mood by decking up with the impeccable collection from House Of Fraser who gives exclusive discounts on subscribing for a membership.

Oktoberfest 2018

Also, groove to the music of the oompah’s DJ and techno music and participate in endless games and events hosted by the club. The tickets for admission to the place remains varied on weekends as well as weekends but what’s a few quid for a good time of drinking, games and music, right?

So there we have a small list of some of the finest places where you can celebrate Oktoberfest. Take a chance at any of these amazing places. You certainly won’t be disappointed.