London’s Best Cultural Events and Exhibitions in August 2018

August 9, 2018

London is one of the top hotspots of England where one can find a great deal of events and activities all around the year. From the best opera shows to the finest art exhibitions, there really is no shortage of exclusive events happening around the city. August remains one of the warmest months of the year and many people enjoy the holiday at this time so it’s but obvious that they find avenues for entertainment. This is also one of the reasons why August remains a prime time for businesses to cater to their clientele i.e. the English customers. In this post, we will look at some of the best cultural events that take place in the city of London in the month of August:

1. BBC Proms:
Perhaps one of the biggest showcases of the month, BBC Proms aim at bringing classical music to the masses at affordable prices. The company starts its business as early as July extending till the month of September. This time around, the company commenced on 13 July. Every year, more than 150 concerts, family, and musical events take place in venues stretched all across London. This eight-week programme offers the public a rare chance to enjoy some of the most scintillating and fine performances from musicians and orchestra actors who come to perform from all corners of the world.

BBC Promo

2. The Great British Beer Festival:
Ah well, nothing better than a beer fest to quench the souls. The Great Beer is an annual gathering of some of the best names in the industry and also from all across the United Kingdom gathered to serve the best brews. There is a wide variety of choice for customers here including ale, beers, and ciders etc that come from all corners of the globe. Apart from drinking, there are also a number of different things to indulge in here including live music, pub games, gourmet food stalls etc. The event this around will take place from August 7 to August 11 at the Olympia Exhibition Center in London. Still confused about what to wear and from where? Fret not! Shopping can’t get any easier with the grand sale at Marks and Spencer and save anywhere between 25% to 50% on the latest collections.

3. Film4 Summerscreen:
The Film4 Summerscreen is an annual open air festival that commences every August. This is perhaps the best moment for the English public and tourists alike to enjoy some of the best International and hit English classics. The choice of movies to watch here is endless with every genre covered for the audience. The event is held at the Somerset House and uses state of the art screens and sound to provide the best movie experience to patrons. You can also enjoy live DJ music before the start of every movie which is made complete with film extras and behind the scene chats with movie stars. The Film4 Summerscreen starts from August 9 and spans till August 22, almost two entire weeks.


4. Notting Hill Carnival:
The Notting Hill Carnival remains one of the most colourful event taking place in London. As always, it takes place around the August bank holiday weekend providing an option for all Londoners to gather and enjoy a good time. The original festival started way back in 1966 by a bunch of homesick Carribean community and has today managed to become one of the largest gatherings of people in entire Europe. You will get to see a sea of brightly costumed dancers, musicians and people from all walks of life dancing and enjoying the beats of the Calypso on the streets of London. There is also a special day reserved for kids who too can enjoy a jolly good time at the carnival. There really is nothing like a carnival to set the tone for Londoners and English people in general.

5. Hampton Court Palace Food Festival:
Well, after a lot of partying and strolling around, you certainly need to fill your bellies to get back some energy again. Cometh the Hampton court Food Festival where you can eat till your heart desires and not just eat normal food, but an assortment of different foods from great chefs and cooks. There are also book signing events, street food for grabs, tasting sessions as well as cocktails and exotic wines that one can enjoy.


The best part is that all tickets to the venue come free of cost.  This year’s venue for the festival is the Hampton Court Palace. The festival is a three day event spanning 25th, 26th and 27th August.

So, there we have a list of the some of the best cultural events and exhibitions from London that one can enjoy this coming August. Be sure to make your presence felt out there.