Oscar Inspired Makeup You Can Try This Summer

July 11, 2019

Hollywood elites surely know how to walk the walk on the red carpet, this year’s Oscar being no different. While we wait in anticipation for who the winners of the films would be, there is also another part of us that gasps with bated breath checking the sheer beauty of our favorite stars. Everything seems to be in sync for these stars including their stunning hair, makeup and beautiful dresses worn by them. For some of us, these red carpet makeups are no less than inspiration, and if it’s out there, it means it’s in fashion. Who doesn’t like fashion, right? In this blog, we will show how you too can get that Oscar inspired makeup for yourself this summer and sizzle out amongst your friends and colleagues every time you head out:

1. Carry off the hot pink pout:
Emilia Clarke commands as much diplomatic and grace on the red carpet as she does playing the fierce mother of dragons. This time around Emilia went back to her roots dying her hair a rich chestnut brown sporting a short and sleek bob cut gracing her looks, more so her hot pink lips. Her lavender dress along with that pout was sure a deal-breaker for many of her fans. So, how about trying to emulate the starlet this summer carrying off the same hot pink pout? Well, it’s very much possible to carry off that look and can be achieved by making use of a liquid color with a matte finish. If you wish also to emulate the flawless-looking complexion of Emilia Clarke this Oscars, make sure to use a tinted moisturizer along with a long-wear concealer.

2. The overflow that stays all day long:
That seems like a fictional thing. Pulling off something like that would be totally not possible. Well, it is possible. Start off with a lightweight foundation powder (can also use a bronzer for more coverage). The key to doing this is allowing your skin’s radiance to shine out alongside this. In the winters, you can do the same by adding just a small drop of face oil to your foundation. This will help bring out your skin’s natural glow. The overflow is definitely your kitty now. Want to get the best deals on beauty products? Get 50% off on selected beauty products only on Marks and Spencers.

3. Copper eye much:
A monochromatic look is a standout any given day. Emma Stone carried it off amazingly with her striking dress along with her vivid eyeshadow. While you don’t need carrying off the same dress as hers but her eyeshadow, definitely doable. If you are looking to recreate this, you will need a copper-hued multitasking pencil. Apply this on your eyelids, creases as well as the lower lashes and creases. Make sure to add another coppery layer across the lids. This will help define the edges better once you finish off the look with a sparkling brown eyeliner. Now, make this shine out and add along an amber-colored eyeshadow to finish the look. A simple look won’t suit that much on a look like this? How about investing in the right dress? Avail 50% off on all home and fashion products at Laura Ashley.


4. The timeless look:
Who says you can’t carry off that timeless old Hollywood look? Lucy Boynton did manage to inspire awe and with her timeless look this Oscars.
While everyone is busy decking up in ways numerous, you could head out to recreate a timeless, beautiful look for yourself. This may definitely take a moment, but it’s definitely worth the second admiring look you get when outside. Begin with a pink cheek color on the eyes as a base and then move on to create another layer with shimmery lilac and rosy peach eyeshadows. Now use a glossy plum hued lipstick to top it off, and some sultry lashes are adding to the overall effect. Broadened horizons? Yes indeed.

5. The bronzed diva:
Smoky eyes glisten in ways that cannot be anticipated and appreciated fully, and Amy Adams, Superman’s very own love interest, carried this off like a pro. Well, her acting prowess aside, Amy Adams looked bedazzling as ever. Her secret can now be yours to keep or share and all it took was mixing gold, copper, and bronze shades. Make sure to line the upper lashes with the help of a light brown powder pencil and finish it off with a hint of liquid eyeliner. Now, stay in sync with the eyes and use rosy colors on the cheeks as well as the lips. You can make use of a liner and gloss for the same and voila.

So, there we have some Oscar inspired makeup that you can make use of this summer and look like a picture of perfection in every look you carry.