Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For Someone Special

February 6, 2019

A thoughtful and personal gift on a day like Valentine’s day is always appreciated and why would it not? A personalized gift trumps over a generic one any single day. It shows that you value that person and are willing to go that extra mile to get them something personal and customized. Acquiring a personal gift will also be special for that someone who might not have expected a surprise like that. In this post, we have compiled a list of Valentine’s day gifts that you can gift that someone special this time around:

1. Custom Coordinates Necklace:
Custom coordinates necklace is as personal a gift you can get for your partner. While a chain may be what it is but a custom coordinate necklace is more personal. You can figure out the coordinates of their hometown, the place you first came across each other, the DOB of your first pet together, etc. There are many online websites today that provide such offerings. Of course, once you gift that necklace, you will also need to explain as to the meaning behind those coordinates.


2. A Pedicure Kit:
This is a perfect gift for all the ladies who like to be pampered and comes complete with many different things that include:

  • A make-up bag or a small jar
  • A separate nail file for easy use
  • Foot cream
  • Nail polishes in different shades
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Foot treatment vouchers

You can customize this even further by adding along different things, for example, making your promise vouchers for a foot massage and so forth.

3. Gifting An Experience:
This is becoming increasingly common nowadays and is a perfect opportunity for you to gift your loved one the experience they had been craving for. An experience day gift comprises of all the things your special someone would like to try but never got a chance to do so. There can be many things here including:

  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Paintballing
  • A five-course meal
  • Spa day
  • Flying lessons
  • Cookery classes
  • Hot air balloon tickets
  • Stadium tours
  • Driving a supercar or a superbike

4. Subscription Gifts:
Subscription gifts are more or less like an experience gift and can be given to your loved one who feels invested in a charity of some sort, subscription for a product, brand, etc. Such things tend to last for months in comparison to the experience gifts and make for a perfect gifting thing for everyone. Groupon provides some deals on its app in the UK.

5. Environmental Conscious Warrior:
The eco-warrior also deserves kudos from time to time and if your partner seems to be a warrior or an advocate of one, then you ought to support that by all means. This can be a lot many things including:

  • Reusable bottle and cups.
  • Beeswax wrap
  • Reusable cloth
  • Bamboo straws

6. Bake A Cake:
Nothing says personal quite like baked cake and what better way to impress your loved one than baking a cake for them this Valentine’s day. Even though you might come up with disastrous results cooking one, it is the feeling behind it that counts. Your partner is going to appreciate this gesture of yours.


7. Custom Pet Pillow:
If you have a pet at the house that you treat like your baby, a custom pet pillow makes for the perfect thing to be gifted to your partner. You can get a variety of artistic renditions of dogs and cats and are made to order in Portland while being illustrated via hand. Your significant half is sure to love this offering that they can cuddle with any time they feel like it.

8. A Survival Kit:
Everyone these days ought to know about survival. This time around, teach them the necessary ropes by gifting them a survival kit that they can keep on them at all times or at least whenever they head out.

9. Fragrant Candles:
Fragrant scented candles can set the mood any time and what better thing to gift your partner this year than some highly assorted fragrant candles of her choice. They are bound to love this sweet gesture of yours especially if you remember their favorite fragrance and make sure to include that in the gift.


10. Personalized Sports Shirt:
Your partner may be a fan of some sports team. Why not gift them a team jersey of their favorite team along with their names? This is something that they can show off both in front of their friends and family. If you are looking for personalized things like the likes of a jersey, then grab up to 55% off select items at Woodhouse Clothing.

So, there is a compiled and complete list of the best personalized gifts for someone special.