The 5 Best Universities in England for International Students

May 24, 2022

England is a travel hub where you’ll find transportation links to the rest of the world. Here, you’ll find architecture, culture, beautiful scenery, and history; everything in one country makes it a more popular place for international students to study abroad, continue graduation & get a degree. In England, students won’t find any language barriers as almost every schools teach students the English language. But, because England has globally recognized universities, the biggest challenge is to choose one that’s perfect for them. But, before going to England, you need to pack your essentials like clothes, accessories, and more for daily living; everything is available for just 5 pounds at the Everything 5 Pounds store.

To help you find the perfect university for your studies, we have shortlisted some of the best British universities, depending on factors like available subjects, class sizes, travel distance from major cities, etc.

Oxford University for Historical Significance

Most of you’ve already heard about Oxford University as one of the oldest universities in English-speaking countries. Most of the scenes from Harry Potter was filmed in the same university. At Oxford University, ⅓ of the graduation students are international, and 63% of postgraduate students are from outside the UK. It is 90 minutes away from northwest London. It is always ranked among the top-10 universities in the world.

Location: Oxford Overseas

Tuition: $36,606 – 51,292/year

Cost of living: $924 + rent

Kingston University for Art Students

Kingston University is located in Kingston-upon-Thames, only 30 minutes away from the southwest of London. The campus is compact, but accommodation is available in nearby areas. This university is ranked under the top 50 universities in the UK as per Guardians 2022 ranking. Kingston University has a majority focus on arts & crafts. So illustration, design, and animation students can study here. England’s weather is rainy almost the entire year, so you need to take care of your skin by ordering essential skincare products from Cult Beauty.

Location: London

Overseas Tuition: $18,231 – 21,250/year

Cost of living: $1,136 + rent

The University of Manchester for Football Fans

Manchester is known for its diverse student population in the UK. Manchester provides airport pickups for the students and hosts information sessions around the world, even in Hong Kong and Thailand. Manchester offers free accommodation for every international student paying the full fee. It is a town known for its football team, architecture, and music. For transportation, you’ll get the bus, and trains from everywhere to connect with the university. The university always welcomes international students and creates a multicultural environment. They also offer the student immigration team to help international students along with the English-speaking courses.

Location: Manchester

Overseas Tuition: $26,342 – 61,903/year

Cost of living: $901 + rent

University College London for Small Class Sizes

It is also recognized as the “London’s Global University,” and it is a popular destination for international students. It stands among the top-ten universities and secured 8th position in QS world university rankings 2022 and is one of the best universities in the UK. The best thing is classes are tiny, and approx 9 students will get the attention of each teacher. 30% of the entire student’s capacity is filled with international students.

This university is situated in London’s Bloomsbury, and its location is near the regent’s park and the British Museum. As London is the international capital, you’ll receive everything that you need. UCL has the most respected research programs in the UK. UCL was the initial university that started to welcome students from different religions in England.

Location: London

Overseas Tuition: $42,273/year

Cost of living: $1,136 + rent

The University of Southampton for Postgraduate Support

Last year in 2021, the University of Southampton ranked 15th in the UK. 22000 students are enrolled in this university, and 34% are international. Every student gets the 3 years of career advice post-graduation. Also, the Southampton university collaborates with international institutes that are around the world.

Southampton is situated on the south coast. In history, it was the launch pad of the most famous Titanic. The city is also known as a green city because of its huge parks and green spaces. It is the sunniest city in the UK. The town has all the services at a walkable distance and has a strong public transport service which helps the majority of the students. Students can enjoy their weekends with football, live music events, and art scenes.

Location: Southampton

Overseas Tuition: $25,475/year

Cost of living: $830 + rent

These are the top five universities in the UK. And you’ll find lots of studies abroad programs in England on the internet. The best thing about it is the application process, be prepared & write fewer tests than US’s tedious steps. No matter which university you choose, international education will eventually create a strong presence on your CV.