Things To Avoid During Job Interview

March 10, 2017

Rejection in job interview is enough to bring your morals down. “We are sorry!” would sound most terrible when you hear it after a job interview. All sorts of research and professionally prepared resume would also fail to get you the dream job if you don’t know what to say and more importantly what not to say at the job interview.

The most eligible candidate may also fail the job interview on using some unwanted phrases during this crucial question-answer session. Certain clarifications are better left for future else there would be no future at all!


1. I want this job because I will learn……

Good if you are learning something from your new job and better if you really want to learn, but using this as a reason for getting the job is worst thing to do at the job interview. You may use this line to complement the future employee, but he would not find it interesting. The main interest of the employer during the job interview is to know how the candidate would benefit the organization. In order to establish a proper connect with the interviewer, talk about what value addition you would make to the organization by getting this job and not about how this job would add value to your CV.

2. My only weakness is being perfectionist!

Wow! It sounds like a movie dialogue, well-rehearsed and well-memorized, but won’t help in reality though. The interviewer wants to know your actual weaknesses and not the standard bookish reply. Nobody is perfect and if you want to boast about being perfectionist, then do it some other time as job interview is not the right time.

3. I am fed up of my previous company or boss

Looking for the new job may not mean that you have to criticize your current employee. New job can be sought for growth and better opportunities even when you are happy in the current job. By abusing your current employee at the job interview, you are decreasing your own credibility and negotiation power with the future employer. Nobody wants to hire the employee involved in a blame game. Refrain from talking your current issues, instead concentrate on your future endeavors as it helps you more.

4. Give me any job and I will do justice

You would like to show that you are versatile and can do any kind of job with equal efficiency, however this would not be the right quality if the interviewer is looking out for specific skillset. Certain jobs require dedicated skillset and experience. Your willingness to take up all kinds of roles may not be appreciated. This indicates lack of focus. Talk about how you can do justice to the given job as that matters more than anything else.

5. You can refer my resume

Oh really! You mean to say that you don’t find the question worth answering as everything is present there on the resume in black and white. You are telling the interviewer to go through the resume and check the details. Even when the interviewer asks you the silliest detail that is already mentioned on the resume, you are obliged to answer the same. This can be the interviewer’s way of knowing you better or making you comfortable by asking the questions that are very easy to revert. Whatever may be his intention, just answer what you know and no need to offer the citation for what you said!


6. How many leaves you give per year?

Hilarious! Asking for the leave eligibility before you start working is simply hilarious. You are exposing your basic character and laid back approach towards work by enquiring about the leave structure before even working for the company. Even if you are concerned about the leave structure, find a friend in the company to clarify your queries. Interviewer is not the right person to clarify your HR related queries.

7. Sorry for being late, actually……..

Being late is strict No-No for the job interview. Whichever way you try to justify the delay, interviewer would not be convinced. Reach before time. It is good to wait for some time, instead of making the interviewer wait. No excuses like traffic jam, parking problem, or difficulty finding the venue would work with the interviewer. Go and check the venue a day before if you are not sure of finding it on D-day. You better be there on time or face the consequences.

All your prior preparations for the job may work only when you perform your best in the job interview. Some silly questions or irrelevant answers would mess up the entire meeting. Mind your words and emotions, as you would end up giving wrong indication to the interviewer about yourself in your efforts to intensify the conversation. Remember, first impression is the last impression!