Top 5 Benefits of Physical Activity

October 10, 2020

So, you have been planning to get back in shape but haven’t been able to do so or find the right motivation maybe. We all know that exercise is good for our health but ever wondered, how beneficial it really is? Regular physical activity helps prevent and delays the onset of many health problems that you may come to face in the future due to inactivity. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments etc.  Let’s take a look at the benefits physical activity can help with.

1. Weight Management:
One of the most beneficial things that regular exercise and physical activity does for your body is regulate your body weight. Our bodies tends to expend energy by way of consuming calories and expending the same. If you consume more than you expend, you are bound to increase your weight and vice versa. This holds true for most cases unless a person has a body condition. Exercising regularly helps you maintain your metabolic rate and helps with weight management. Ensure that you stay active and conduct some form of exercise and workout on a daily basis. This could be in the form of cardio or doing weighted workouts. 

2. Reduces the risk and onset of diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke remains one of the major causes of deaths. High BP, diabetes, low cholesterol are some of the other conditions inactivity leads to amongst people. People in higher age groups remain at major risk of contracting ailments and conditions that may become harder to recover from. Regular exercise and physical activity can help prevent all such ailments and conditions that may arise otherwise. Exercising regularly keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels at bay. Even if you have not begun exercising, you can start as early as today and follow a regime. You will instantly start seeing results within a week of starting workouts. Working out in comfortable clothing is equally important. Nike is giving upto £45 off on all women’s apparels.

3. Workout enhances brain function:
Yes, indeed. Exercise does enhance brain function and there have been enough research on the same to prove this. Doing regular exercise helps enhances the function of the hippocampus, which is an essential component that controls learning and long term memory. This onset has been seen in dementia patients which are generally age related. Exercising regularly also keeps your mood and energy levels elevated in comparison to inactivity. One will also feel positive working out regularly since there’s a release of endorphins. Your brain also tends to generate new nerve cells and exercising largely contributes to that aspect.

4. Muscles and bones are strengthened:
Keeping your bones, muscles and joints is integral as you start ageing. Muscle and bone strengthening exercises can come in handy here and help slow bone density loss in your body. A common problem among the aged population is the risk of injuries and falls. These could become serious even if not fatal and have you in a precarious situation. To avoid this, ensure that you are exercising regularly and concentrating on all focus groups in your body including joints, muscles and bones. The more you train yourself on this, the more likely are your chances to avoid any major conditions much later in life. Weight training and cardio can help solve all these problems. Working out home is not that bad an idea during lockdown. Ebay now offers you a chance to get up tp 40% off on fitness sale going on.

5. Exercising can help with your libido:
That’s quite righ. Exercising does help in getting the spark back in your life between the sheets. Regular physical activity has bene shown to enhance sexual arousal in women. When it comes to men, exercising regularly can help avoid problems like erectile dysfunction, a condition pretty common among men that are inactive or have no indulgence of physical activity in their lives. In a study conducted by Pubmed, it was observed that a group of women in their 40’s were able to experience more orgasms while having incorporate a strenous exercise regime. In another study conducted among 178 men, it was found that men who indulged in more physical activities scored higher on the sexual function index in comparison to ones that don’t.

The bottom line is plain and simple when it comes to linking physical activity and your overall well being. There remains immense benefits to exercising and studies time and again have gone on to show that. So, there we have a small list of the top 5 benefits of physical activity. Stay active, stay strong.