April 6, 2020

Coronavirus has hit us all without forewarning, and as countries try coping up with the situation, we citizens also have a civic duty to keep ourselves safe. The virus continues to spread worldwide, with a number of casualties rising at a rapid rate. Even though a definite cure hasn’t been found as yet and for now, all we can do is hope that we cope up with this pandemic. With societal disruption at its peak, there are a number of ways in which all of us can take precautions and save our lives and those around us. In this post, we will talk about the five must hygiene tips that can be followed to prevent the Coronavirus.

1. Washing your hands with soap and then rewashing it:

This is by far the most effective method one can practice in order to safeguard themselves from the disease. If you aren’t familiar, then we can always provide a refresher. Ensure that you wet your hands and scrub them properly with soap. Make sure that you reach every nook and cranny possible between your fingers and nails. Also, make sure to read the content of hand sanitizers. With many less useful ones floating around the market, try and get one that contains at least 60% alcohol. If you wish to disinfect your surroundings, have disposable gloves on yourself and washing immediately once you are done.


2. Get the little ones the flu shots:

While it has been a little consolation that there have not been many cases with children involved. But this doesn’t mean that the kids are out of the woods yet. Take the time to teach the kids certain precautions like washing hands properly and avoiding the use of hands to touch their faces, noses, or ears. Meanwhile, you can ensure that the kids receive their flu shots. Be sure to stay in constant touch with their schools and colleges and also prepare for educational institutes to close amidst everything. Now, not much can be done with kids at home, but you can ensure as a parent or a guardian that they don’t fall prey to idleness. Prepare a schedule for them and ensure that it is followed.


3. Boost your immunity:

Even after taking all precautions, your best bet against the virus is to develop a strong immune system. If your body has a strong immune system, it can ward off most diseases and illnesses. In order to build yourself a good immunity, take some time, and focus on your diet and nutrition. Indulge in food choices that support your health and bring about an overall improvement in your body for good. You can take the help of nutritionists as well as dietitians. These experts would be better ept at giving you solid food choice advice and even help out with a food plan to follow. Also, ensure that you stay hydrated at all times and avoid processed foods of any kind. It’s the small things that will matter in the fight against Corona.


4. Avoid Close Contact:

This means following social distancing as much as possible. Avoid close contact with people at this time and, unless very necessary, ensure that you stay put at home. Even if you have a simple cold and cough, ensure that you take precautions around your family or loved ones. Cover your mouth whenever you are sneezing or coughing and always throw the used tissues in the dustbin carefully. Somebody has to clean the trash at the end of the day. You wouldn’t want somebody contracting even a common cold because you didn’t take precautions. Have you not been buying groceries as of late? If you haven’t, and if you wish to now, you can now shop at Amazon and get up to $55% off on all selected items.


5. Stay informed and follow the advice of the government and healthcare provider:

This is again an important measure that you can follow to safeguard yourself. Ensure that while following all precautions, you also stay updated about the latest happenings and not fall prey to the hoax and false news circulating. As a responsible citizen, it is your right and duty to keep yourself informed and diligently follow all procedures laid out by your healthcare provider. If you have traveled abroad or know of someone who could use a basic knowledge check so as not to infect others around themselves is the need of the hour. The goal here of medical professionals is to save as many lives as possible while still effectively dealing with patients suffering from symptoms.

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So, there we have a list of the five must hygiene tips that everyone should follow in their free time and in real-time.